Will you help BirdLife Australia get these bird-killing poisons out of your local community?

Winter temperatures often see rats and mice popping up in our homes and buildings around the country. Unfortunately, that means more dangerous rodent poisons are being bought and used – with devastating impacts on native birds, other wildlife, and even pets.

Bird-lovers across Australia are joining together to stop bird-killing rodent poisons – will you join them?

The most dangerous rodent poisons are Second-generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides, or SGARs, which are lethal to rodents, but not immediately. These poisoned rats and mice turn into walking time bombs that can kill wildlife and even pets that eat them.

Many local councils contribute to this problem, by using SGARs in their pest management.

If we can get local councils to commit to phasing out their use of SGARs we will greatly impact the quantity of poison in the environment.

Luckily the alternatives to SGARs are easy to use and just as effective. We’ve made it even easier for local governments to make the switch by producing a toolkit that steps them through the process.

We just need enough local residents like you to ask them to make the switch so that they can’t say no!

Email your local council today to ask them to stop using SGARs and save birds and wildlife in your local area.

For more information about how to take action on SGARs including our Action Kit for Councils check out our website.

Preventing further poisoning deaths of beautiful birds of prey is easy – contact your council today.

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