Call out to the cemetery at night

Baby Black-Headed Flying Fox

Baby Black-Headed Flying Fox

It was a cold, dark Friday night when Jason received the call to investigate an injured bat in the Port Macquarie Cemetery.

We both go for evening callouts and really enjoy working together on FAWNA rescues. If you saw us moving furniture together you would know that not all of our joint undertakings go so well!

We took a spotlight each and so initially did a circuit of the Cemetery spotlighting from our respective sides of the car. It’s quite dark and eerie there at night time and we were keen to collect the bat and hightail it out of there.

We couldn’t see anything from the road so I called the kind member of the public again and she gave us more specific directions.

We found that it was a baby Black Flying Fox who had become stuck under a fallen tree branch. She was clearly hungry and calling out for her Mum. We could hear bats in the trees above, possibly this girl’s Mum still looking for her. 

We wrapped her up nice and warm and made a fast exit out of the Cemetery.

The end to this story is unfortunately not so happy. The little girl had a badly broken wing and was euthanased by Oxley Highway Vets the next morning. At least she was warm and had a full tummy but it’s heartbreaking to lose such a beautiful baby.