FAWNA Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Welcome everyone to our Autumn newsletter, I would like to discuss a few points in the introduction to our newsletter.

Firstly, thank you to all the members who responded to the Office of Environment & Heritage/NPWS Rehabilitator Survey. FAWNA was one of the highest responders from all the rehabilitation groups in NSW; I hope this reflects our belief in how important our voice is to what finally happens to the structure of the wildlife rehabilitation volunteer sector under Regulations in the new Biodiversity Conservation Act.

Currently, Veterinarians and related personnel are responding to a survey of wildlife rehabilitation in NSW and once completed we can expect results will be published from all the surveys and interactions.

Secondly, we must address our wildlife statistics – some members are slipping and have not been going into their records to update data. We have to close off the records for 2016-2017 reporting as at 30 June. That is not very long away now. Please do us a favour and adhere to your obligations not to let your records be more than one week out of date. It is an enormous job at year end, made that much more difficult by volunteers not helping other volunteers by keeping current.

Thirdly, I would like to comment on the power of your mobile phone camera as a tool for species identification. Just recently there have been wildlife encounters where members have not been familiar with the species they have in front of them – a supposed Falcon turned out to be a Koel, therefore a raptor rehabilitator was not needed.

There are lots of creatures that we don’t expect members to necessarily immediately identify – send those pics to your co-ordinator or an experienced rehabilitator and that will ensure whatever it is can get the correct diet and facilities for its particular needs.

Thank you all for your loyalty and dedication to FAWNA and wildlife and I hope that you like our Autumn newsletter.

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Meredith Ryan