Food 4 Wildlife food stations – Kempsey LGA

Shea the Wallaby - Injured in the Kempsey bushfires
Shea – Injured in the Kempsey bushfires

Mid North Coast Wildlife Rescue group, FAWNA, announced today its Food4Wildlife program is set up in the Kempsey LGA.

The public collection points are stocked with free macropod pellets and wild bird seed in Aldavilla, Kempsey South, Kempsey West, Kundabung, Moparrabah, South West Rocks/Arakoon and Turners Flat.

The map below shows the location and address of the pick-up points in the Kempsey region.

“This program is made possible by the generosity of members of the public who want to help the wildlife impacted by the region’s terrible drought and fires. We think this is the first time anything like this has been attempted on such a large scale. FAWNA covers an 18,000 sq km area of operation. Donations have been coming in steadily since we announced the program just 13 days ago on 11 November. It is heart-warming to know how the public, even those overseas, are embracing our concept to help suffering wildlife in their localities”.

“It has been quite a logistics exercise – we rolled out Port Macquarie-Hastings yesterday, Kempsey today and we hope in the next few days to announce opening of #Food4Wildlife collection points in the MidCoast local government areas at many locations.  If anyone “up river” in the Macleay is prepared to become a collection point please email us on

FAWNA President Meredith Ryan

FAWNA asks the community to bring their own reused plastic bags and take small quantities to start of the 2 foods on offer.  We need to introduce this food slowly and make sure it is being taken by wildlife before putting out more.  Instructions are at the collection points.  More food is on order and FAWNA is hunkering down for the long haul, hoping we can keep this program running until the rains come and habitat and wildlife food resources start to recover. 

Everyone is reminded that #Water4Wildlife is a way we all can help by placing out safe shallow containers of water for our thirsty birds, animals and reptiles also suffering from these exceptional circumstances of drought and fires. Sticks and rocks to prevent drowning are important.

Mrs Ryan adds a vote of thanks to all the FAWNA volunteers who have stepped up and dealt with everything facing them over this past extra busy time in difficult circumstances. 

Wildlife rescue groups throughout the state are offering help too, and donations of goods from members of the public and organisations have helped the effort and ensured we now have everything we need.

To report any wildlife needing help in Port Macquarie-Hastings, Kempsey and MidCoast contact the FAWNA 24 hour rescue hotline 6581 4141