FAWNA Pelican Rescue TrainingPelicans in particular are iconic and much-loved species of our rivers and estuaries and they are regularly entangled or ingest marine debris and discarded fishing tackle.  They present real difficulties if they are still able to swim and fly, making rescue and treatment extremely challenging to wildlife volunteers.  Swallowing or entrapment by fishing lines and hooks will usually result in a slow and painful death if not rescued and treated.

The rooky rescue team was welcomed at Big4 Great Lakes Park at Tuncurry.  Thanks to the good folk at Tuncurry’s Monin Seafood Wholesalers the trainee rescuers were able to tempt the pelicans closer with donated fish frames.  

Cathy Gilmore presenting at FAWNA Pelican workshop

During the training, a report was received by the FAWNA rescue hotline 6581 4141 that a bunch of people were interfering with and filming the beloved Tuncurry pelicans – FAWNA was pleased the community wildlife watch system is working.  FAWNA had signs up advising training was in place but perhaps they weren’t visible from a distance.

Kym Kilpatrick, a local FAWNA volunteer, in giving thanks to their trainer said 

Cathy is extremely knowledgeable and inspirational and we came away feeling much more confident in our ability to affect rescue when needed of these amazingly intelligent birds”

If you see a SICK, Injured or orphaned animal

If you find wildlife in distress, please contact the FAWNA rescue line number on 65814141.

For more information on what to do please see the Emergency first aid page.

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If you feel that you would like to join the FAWNA organisation and become Authorised to rescue and or care for wildlife there are three member intakes each year – in February, June and October when Induction Training Courses are held.

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Need to contact us for a rescue?

FAWNA can’t take requests for wildlife rescues via the website or Facebook as they aren’t attended to all the time.

If you need to get assistance for a sick, injured or orphaned animal please call our rescue line on 02 6581 4141.

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FAWNA acknowledges Sea Acres National Park and Rainforest Centre’s support in its work with injured and orphaned fauna.

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