Resilience in Volunteer Animal Care Professions

Does your organisation, or an organisation you know, have volunteers that work with animals?

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We warmly welcome your volunteers to join us and contribute to our research investigating the resilience, wellbeing, and mental health needs of people who volunteer with animals. We’re aware of the unique challenges and rewards faced by people who are repeatedly exposed to the difficulties and successes of caring for animals. With your participation, we are looking to:

  • Identify resilience and wellbeing factors for volunteer animal care workers
  • Identify what individual, team and organisational resources would benefit volunteers

If you are interested in participating, please share this email, the attached information below, and the link to the anonymous online survey with your volunteer animal care workers and any other organisations or individuals:

This survey will be open until 31 July 2022.

We hope to capture the experiences of volunteer animal carers across a variety of occupations and roles, including veterinary, wildlife rehabilitation and rescue, wildlife and animal parks, and research services.

You may remember a survey from 2020 by Nicole Cushing that was also investigating resilience in animal care professions (a summary of the research is linked below). This study is an extension of that research, now focusing exclusively on volunteers.

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