Volunteering Australia Announces New Definition for Volunteering

Since late 2013 Volunteering Australia has been challenging the concept of ‘what constitutes volunteering in contemporary Australia?’

The new definition follows a review that included the release of an issues paper, national stakeholder information sessions and an online survey to gauge community views. The result is a broader and more inclusive definition that reflects the diversity of volunteering activities undertaken nationally.

The new definition states that ‘volunteering’ is time willingly given for the common good without financial gain. The definition is accompanied by a set of explanatory notes providing clarity on what is in and what is out.

‘We know that the role of volunteers has changed drastically; our previous definition did not reflect this. For volunteer involving organisations the new definition will assist in workforce planning and bring clarity around what volunteers can do. For volunteers it will allow better support of the work they do.

Above all things, the new definition will ensure a common understanding of what volunteering is, ultimately supporting the integrity of the work they do,’ said Brett Williamson, OAM, CEO of Volunteering Australia.

To view the information on the new definition and explanatory notes visit the Volunteering Australia website