FAWNA Winter 2017 Newsletter

FAWNA Winter 2017 NewsletterFAWNA volunteers have contributed in so many varied ways to ensure the group met its objectives with excellent outcomes in a spirit of harmony and cooperation.

FAWNA’s wildlife records are under final compilation for the report due in, to NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service at the end of September 2017. Preliminary figures including new
intakes and carry-over animals from the previous year total around 3550 and to that we need to add a reliable estimate of the very large number of flying-foxes that perished in the two events referred to on Page 1. It is important that history will show the frequency and timing of catastrophic events for particular wildlife species.

Vice President and Webmaster, Rod Miller, has made a number of refinements to FAWNA’s excellent integrated record system and membership acceptance and usage is of a high standard.  Weighing animals is the one area that needs great improvement. Without an intake weight and frequent weighing, rehabilitators cannot properly gauge food intake requirements and progress in rehabilitation.

Our Volunteers

All FAWNA’s volunteers contribute in so many different ways to what makes our organisation the vibrant and successful one it is. We believe we are held in great respect in our communities and it is the volunteers that make FAWNA what it is. FAWNA responds quickly and efficiently to wildlife rescue calls, volunteers show aptitude, care and dedication in their dealings with injured and orphaned wildlife, often with less than optimal outcomes but with humanity and understanding. The good outcomes outweigh the not so good ones. Volunteers please stand proud and accept a Thank You for a job very well done. And a special Thank You to Honorary Auditor, Max Graham.

Our Vets

Without our vets and veterinary staff, FAWNA could not carry on as it does. As part of the wildlife rescue team effort, we will be sending all Vets FAWNA’s particular thanks for their dedicated fauna work, often on a pro-bono basis.

Please enjoy our Winter 2017 Newsletter, download 7.1Mb PDF

Meredith Ryan – President FAWNA