For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid
Is licensed by the National Parks & Wildlife Division of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to operate in Port Macquarie-Hastings, Kempsey and MidCoast local government areas. Learn More

In the 12 months ending 30/06/2022, FAWNA's wildlife callouts consisted of

Unsuitable environments - e.g. around homes
Domestic Animal Attacks
Collisions with motor vehicles
Abandoned or Orphaned Animals

Aims of FAWNA

To rehabilitate native wildlife for return to their natural environment

To relocate native wildlife which is under threat or causing distress to the public into its natural habitat

To train volunteer members to carry out rescue and the care of native wildlife

To alleviate the suffering of injured, sick or orphaned wildlife

To encourage the protection of native wildlife and their environment

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FAWNA has a 24/7 hotline


PLEASE NOTE: FAWNA cannot take requests for help for our wildlife via our website or via social media as they are only checked every couple of days and we want to get assistance for our wildlife ASAP.

If you see a sick or injured native animal that needs assistance call our 24 hr hotline on the number below.

Call our Rescue line on 0265 814141

FAWNA is a registered charity

ANC Charity LogoFAWNA is a registered charity organisation and has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

If you donate $2 or more to FAWNA, you can claim a tax deduction.

If you wish to make a donation of supplies or goods to FAWNA please contact us via our contact form.

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General Bird Training Course

When: Sunday 25th May 2024
Where: Taree Showground Training Venue 24 Muldoon St, Taree NSW 2430

Bookings open on 8th April

Rescue & Immediate Care Course

When: Sunday 16th June 2024
Where:  Kendall Community Centre, 19 Comboyne St, Kendall NSW 2439

Other Mammals Care Course

Date: Sunday 7 July 2024
Time: 9.30am- 4pm
Presenters: Cheryl Winner & Moira Sirett
Venue: Taree Showground, 24 Muldoon Street. Taree.2430
Bookings open: 1 May 2024
With more information to come.

Rescue & Immediate Care Course

When: Sunday 6th October 2024
Where:  Kendall Community Centre, 19 Comboyne St, Kendall NSW 2439

Details available closer to the date

General Meetings

When: Sunday 25th February 2024
Where:  Johns River Hall, 54-56 Johns River Rd, Johns River NSW 2443
Time: 11 am – 3 pm

When: Sunday 19th May 2024
Where:  Kendall Community Centre, 19 Comboyne St, Kendall NSW 2439
Time: 11 am – 3 pm

Did you know last reporting year, the 12 months ending 30/06/2022 FAWNA had

Calls to our rescue hotline
Wildlife rescue callouts
Interactions with animal groups
Days of care for Native Wildlife



We are a licensed volunteer wildlife rescue & rehabilitation group operating in NSW's mid-north coast

5 days ago

This little joey, named Jerry after the member of the public who helped rescue him, came into care after his mother was severely injured attempting to escape from a chicken coop she had somehow found herself in. Despite the sad circumstances, Jerry is doing well and will be eventually returned to the wild ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

FAWNA wishes to thank all of those who participated in our trivia fund-raiser at Forster Bridge Club on the 5th of April, despite the dreadful weather!!In particular we would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their donations and contributions to our prize pool: Dean Reid from Aussie Ark; Rockpool Beach Coffee Shop, Tuncurry; Scottie's Pet Barn; Hair by Clare; Lumpys Nursery & Landscape Yard; Gabriel at MEZZA Eatery; Leonie Dowell of Boomerang Bags; Mid North Coast Community College, Taree; Sea Acres Port Macquarie; Cheyne Flanagan Artist & FAWNA member; Daniel Whitwell, Petries (Mitre 10) Taree; Steve at Celelbrations, Diamond Beach; TJS Building Certificates; Midcoast Council Senior Ecologist Mat Bell; Aqua Lotus Hair Spa Hallidays Point; Fred Bullen, Artist; Old Bar Cellars; Mary Yule Forster Fortnightly; Bella Jackson & Gillian Jackson; Gail Whitwell, FAWNA; Barbara Lyons FAWNA; Cheryl Winner FAWNA; Kelly Fernance, FAWNA; Jenny Edwards FAWNA; Kay Armstrong FAWNA; Meredith Ryan FAWNA president. And of course the many many people who came and played with us on the night! ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

FAWNA was recently called to a turtle in trouble on a Port Macquarie beach on 8thApril. Well-intentioned locals spent over an hour trying to put what they believed was a baby turtle back to out to sea. Unfortunately it turned out to be a freshwater turtle most likely washed down a local waterway in the recent heavy rains. A couple of key differences: freshwater turtles have webbed feet ending in claws and can pull their heads into their shells whilst marine turtles have flippers and can’t retract their heads.Both have very different environment and habitat needs and freshwater turtles would not survive at sea.If in doubt and for all wildlife needing help please call FAWNA ono 65814141 except for koalas which is 65841522 in Port Macquaire, Hastings and Kempsey and 65522183 on the Midcoast.P.S. the turtle was taken into care with FAWNA and will be released into a suitable environment(Image supplied by Brian Champion) ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

After urgent FAWNA calls about a sea-eagle being caught in fishing line on an island in Wallis Lake, Greg Bowland and Joel from Great Lakes Boat Hire both immediately went out and searched for the bird, initially with no success. Later Joel and Tess from the Great Lakes Boat Hire went out yet again and this time were successful in finding the bird and disentangling it. It turned out to be a young adult Osprey that would have died if not for these community heroes. Our very experienced Seabird co-ordinator Susan was able to treat the Osprey and it has again been released to live its best life in the wild. FAWNA continues to be so grateful to our community, especially those who go above and beyond, to help our special wildlife. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

With the Easter break upon us, many people, locals & visitors alike, will be enjoying our beautiful waterways with some fishing. Please remember though that discarded fishing line and hooks can be lethal threats to our wildlife, especially our seabirds. This pelican had been entangled in a multi-hooked lure and fishing line. He was rescued, rehabilitated and able to be released but many more are not so lucky. Fishing line takes hundreds of years to breakdown and can remain a potential deadly threat all that time.So. please, take very good care to not discard or cut fishing line and dispose of hooks and lures responsibly. If you do see an injured or entangled animal or bird, please call FAWNA on 65814141. ... See MoreSee Less
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