FAWNA General Meeting & Bryce Laut Award

FAWNA General Meeting followed by catered luncheon and Bryce Laut FAWNA Members Achievement Award 2022 presentation (Covid-postponed from last year)

Date: Sunday 19 February 2023

Where: Johns River Hall, 54-56 Johns River Rd, Johns River NSW 2443

Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m

Closer to the time we will be providing a general meeting agenda.

In the meantime we ask that anyone who wishes to nominate a FAWNA member for the delayed 2022 Bryce Laut FAWNA Members’ Achievement Award, should do so on the accompanying nomination form following the instructions provided.

This is a significant FAWNA award in its 14th year as a memorial to the Late Bryce Laut and the honour roll winners can be found by following this link.

Please note no member can be honoured by this Award more than once.

Following the meeting we hope you will join your FAWNA colleagues in a relaxed environment a sit-down two course luncheon is provided at no cost and for this reason we do need any member wishing to attend to RSVP using the form below no later than Friday 10 February 2023 at 12 noon.

There will be a quiet place for any wildlife charges that have to be fed.

Newer members should come and meet other FAWNA folk and learn why we honour the Late Bryce Laut with a Memorial Members’ Achievement Award each year.

To nominate a colleague for this year’s award save the nomination form and then complete the nomination and send it in either via email or post to the addresses on the top of the page.

Bryce Laut Bookings
Booking form for the Bryce Laut Award - 19th February 2023 Please fill out the form for each person attending.
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