In Memory of Bryce Laut 1956—2008

FAWNA has an annual member’s achievement award, named after National Parks and Wildlife Service fire services manager, the Late Bryce Laut. Bryce was killed while on fireground duty in Kumbatine National Park back in 2008 and FAWNA remembers him each year with this award for significant achievement by a member. 

Year Winner Presentation Location Presented by
2021 Jill Eagleton  Johns River Hall Amanda Smith 
2020 Amanda Boardman Johns River Hall Amanda Smith
2018 Cheryl Winner Johns River Hall Amanda Smith 
2017 Annette Tang Johns River Hall Shane Robinson
2016 Elaine Madden Johns River Hall Russell Madeley
2015 John & Diane Gorham Sea Acres Steve Atins & Peter Bessling
2014 Karen Ledger Sea Acres Steve Atkins
2013 June Le Pla – Pat Davey Runner Up Sea Acres Steve Atkins
2012 Wendy Pfeil Sea Acres Kathy Mardell
2011 Meredith Ryan – Carol Riley Runner Up Johns River Hall Peter Clark
2010  Betty Jane Thomson Sea Acres Peter Clark 
2009 Barbara McLaren Sea Acres Peter Clark

If you see a SICK, Injured or orphaned animal

If you find wildlife in distress, please contact the FAWNA rescue line number on 65814141.

For more information on what to do please see the Emergency first aid page.

Thinking of Joining FAWNA?

If you feel that you would like to join the FAWNA organisation and become Authorised to rescue and or care for wildlife there are three member intakes each year – in February, June and October when Induction Training Courses are held.

More information can be found on our JOIN US page.

Need to contact us for a rescue?

FAWNA can’t take requests for wildlife rescues via the website or Facebook as they aren’t attended to all the time.

If you need to get assistance for a sick, injured or orphaned animal please call our rescue line on 02 6581 4141.

Contact Details

Postal Address: PO Box 218, Wauchope NSW 2446
24 Hour Rescue hotline: 02 6581 4141

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FAWNA is a member of the NSW Wildlife Council, the peak body representing Wildlife carers in NSW.

FAWNA acknowledges Sea Acres National Park and Rainforest Centre’s support in its work with injured and orphaned fauna.

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