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Autumn Newsletter

TEAM FAWNA has again achieved great things for injured, orphaned and disadvantaged wildlife in the NSW Mid-North-Coast region.

We have a total of 2882 entries on our Web-based wildlife records since July 1 last and our phone operators have fielded hundreds more enquiry calls from members of the public. Sometimes with great difficulty we have managed to keep our wildlife rescue line 6581 4141 open 24 hours a day with a human voice at the end—and this is a remarkable achievement considering it is done on a totally voluntary basis.

Members have attended a Rescue and Immediate Care Induction Training course and we have held a Macropod Training Day, one for Possums and Gliders and a Workshop for what we call Other Mammals, the monotremes, dasyurids, bandicoots, canids, and rodents.

Yours in wildlife caring

Meredith Ryan (President)
P.S. Don’t forget to download the Wildlife Rescue free App on to your Smart or Android Phone and tell all your mates and those you come across to download it too. This is a great initiative of the NSW Wildlife Council and International Fund for Animal Welfare aiming to get help to injured wildlife as quickly as possible.

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New Member Induction Training

New Member Induction Training - Rescue & Immediate Care
Sat 28 June 0915 - 4.30, Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, Pacific Drive Port Macquarie (near Shelley's Beach) 

Bookings essential by 20 June to listing your Name/s., Telephone, Postal Address and Email or by phone to Wendy Pfeil on 6581 2996

Bryce Laut Awards 2013

Meredith Ryan, Sarah Bennett, June Le Pla and Wendy Pfeil    (Photo Courtesy Brett Dolsen Photography)Meredith Ryan, Sarah Bennett, June Le Pla and Wendy Pfeil (Photo Courtesy Brett Dolsen Photography)On Sunday 17th November 2013 FAWNA volunteers gathered in the Theatrette at Sea Acres Rainforest Centre for the annual Bryce Laut Awards. 

Bryce Laut was a NPWS Fire Management Officer tragically killed in 2008 when a tree fell on him during a clean-up operation following a bushfire in Kumbatine National Park.   Bryce worked closely with FAWNA and was responsible for training volunteers in fireground safety for wildlife search and rescue after bushfire events.  A donation was made to FAWNA in memory of Bryce Laut leading to the creation of the annual awards for FAWNA wildlife volunteers .

 The 2013 BRyce Laut FAWNA Members’ Achievement Award  went to June Le Pla for rescue and rehabilitation work along with fundraising efforts and the runner up  was Pat Davey a member since 2001 with six years as FAWNA’s Phone Duty Manager.   Pat has been a carer and release member of macropods while training and mentoring FAWNA’s phone staff. 

Meredith Ryan, June Le Pla, Pat Davey and Steve Atkins     (Photo Courtesy Brett Dolsen Photography)Meredith Ryan, June Le Pla, Pat Davey and Steve Atkins (Photo Courtesy Brett Dolsen Photography)Steve Atkins, Area manager for the Manning-Hastings National Parks and Wildlife Service, presented the awards with FAWNA president, Meredith Ryan.  Mr Atkins thanked all volunteers on behalf of NPWS and described their commitment for rescue, rehabilitation and release as fantastic.  He said ”without your assistance there is a lot of wildlife that would not be out there now”.

 This year’s awards also saw Sarah Bennett of Oxley Highway Veterinary Hospital receive an Honorary Life Membership. The award was presented to Sarah as recognition of skilled veterinary services and dedication to injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife in the Port Macquarie Hastings region. Wendy Pfeil and June Le Pla expressed their gratitude for Sarah’s veterinary skills and support to FAWNA.

Dianne Waterhouse and Neville Elford were recognised for their 20 years of work with FAWNA at Kempsey.

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The Wildlife Rescue App

IFAW Wildlife Rescue APP

The Wildlife Rescue App is a joint initiative of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare – and the NSW Wildlife Council (NWC). It is free and downloadable on the IFAW website or through the Apple App Store and the Android Market. This App empowers you to save the lives of injured or orphaned native wildlife by putting you in touch with your nearest rescue organisation should you come across an animal in need, wherever you may be in NSW. 

This is a great initiative puts the members of the public in contact with the nearest wildlife rescue group for the animal in need. As is the case in our area where there are several hard working Koala rescue groups dedicated to helping out just koala's. It puts the animal in need in contact with the people that are authorised and know how to care for sick and/or injured wildlife.

Download it today and help save lives!

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NSW Parks Logo 2012

FAWNA acknowledges Sea Acres National Park and Rainforest Centre’s support in its work with injured and orphaned fauna.  The recently upgraded meeting facilities at Sea Acres in Port Macquarie are an ideal location for gatherings of FAWNA volunteers for Meetings and Workshops.

Sea Acres’ Spirit of the Land exhibition is a perfect start or finish to the tranquillity of Sea Acres’ 1.3km elevated boardwalk through rare subtropical rainforest – enjoyed in your own time and space or with a local volunteer rainforest guide.

Members looking for fauna field guides or books may find just what they are looking for in the well-stocked gift shop including fauna-related publications, cards, memorabilia and gifts.

If you would like to know more about Sea Acres visit their website at: or
Sea Acres Rain Forest Centre
Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
Phone: (02) 6582 3355

RESCUES happen all year round however, there seem to be more during Spring, rough weather or when the moon is very bright.

Below are some rescued animals and birds on the way to health.

A feathertail glider in care A feathertail glider in care Feeding baby Bowerbirds Feeding baby Bowerbirds