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Twin Red Necked Wallabies

Twin Red Necked

These two little ones were picked up earlier this month in Lansdowne and with a little time in the humidicrib are coming along.

A 276gm female and a 310gm male are being looked after by one of our dedicated carers.





Meet Rabbit the Sea Eagle

Rabbit the Sea EagleMeet Rabbit the White Breasted Sea Eagle 3.6 Kg. in weight.

Rabbit fell into a settlement pond at the Cairncross Waste Management and Recycling Facility near Port Macquarie.

Rabbit had struggled to escape the thick sludge and crawled up the side wall of the pond.

With nostrils partially blocked and her throat coated with sludge, claws immobilised, breast and tail feathers matted her future was grim.

Fortunately Rabbit was spotted by a team of  Hastings Council employees at the facility who immediately contacted FAWNA.

Rabbit was caught by FAWNA member June LePla, but owes her life to the guys who spotted her in time.

June cleaned Rabbits throat, nostrils, and after a good bath the birds relief was obvious. 

Rabbit is now enjoying her 4 star hospitality and will be going home this week.

Rabbit RecoveredUPDATE:

June returned Rabbit to Blackmans Point with a full load of fish last Friday 3/10/2014.

She is fully recovered with no problems.

Great work to June and all involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of Rabbit, without the help from members of the public we couldn't help save animals caught in these situations.



Threatened Species Day

Grey-headed Flying FoxThreatened Species Day is a national day held each year on 7 September to commemorate the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger (also known as the thylacine) at Hobart Zoo in 1936.

Each year, The Brink selects one species as the ambassador and focuses their efforts on that species.  By doing this, they aim to initiate actions that will help that species. At the same time they want to impress on government authorities  that many people feel strongly that the conservation of wildlife is a priority.  

The species chosen for Threatened Species Day (2014) is the Grey-headed Flying fox Pteropus Poliocephalus.

FAWNA is supporting The Brink to help bring awareness to the plight of the Grey Headed Flying fox.

The most effective thing to do is  directly contact member of parliament and let them know what you want.   The list is in order of preference and focuses on NSW flying fox populations. We recommend using the template letter and posting or emailing it to one or more of the following:



A cutting edge response guide that equips people to help entangled, injured or oil-affected seabirds will be launched by Australian Seabird Rescue (ASR) during an oil spill training exercise at 12.30pm on Friday 8 August at Port Kembla, as part of a NSW Environmental Trust funded project.

Published material by Taronga Zoo staff and the late Serventy Award winning conservationist and ASR founder, Lance Ferris, have contributed to the production of the “First Responders Resource Guide for Seabird Emergencies” book, pocket guide and DVD, representing the latest research and techniques for seabird handling, treatment and release in NSW. With at least 10% of pelicans suffering from fishing line entanglement or associated injuries, according to a NSW North Coast study, these unique resources will help fishermen, animal rescue organisations and the general public to identify and efficiently respond to seabird emergencies.


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NSW Parks Logo 2012

FAWNA acknowledges Sea Acres National Park and Rainforest Centre’s support in its work with injured and orphaned fauna.  The recently upgraded meeting facilities at Sea Acres in Port Macquarie are an ideal location for gatherings of FAWNA volunteers for Meetings and Workshops.

Sea Acres’ Spirit of the Land exhibition is a perfect start or finish to the tranquillity of Sea Acres’ 1.3km elevated boardwalk through rare subtropical rainforest – enjoyed in your own time and space or with a local volunteer rainforest guide.

Members looking for fauna field guides or books may find just what they are looking for in the well-stocked gift shop including fauna-related publications, cards, memorabilia and gifts.

If you would like to know more about Sea Acres visit their website at: or
Sea Acres Rain Forest Centre
Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
Phone: (02) 6582 3355

RESCUES happen all year round however, there seem to be more during Spring, rough weather or when the moon is very bright.

Below are some rescued animals and birds on the way to health.

A feathertail glider in care A feathertail glider in care Feeding baby Bowerbirds Feeding baby Bowerbirds